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Punch Alert is a mobile panic alarm and security platform. The app is for your protection and allows you to:

  • Press Panic button to instantly alert emergency responders of a potentially life-threatening situation.
  • Provide your real-time location in the event of an emergency.
  • Upload and share pictures, videos, recordings, and other information regarding the situation.
  • Receive mass updates and instructions from emergency responders.

Your location will only be tracked when you are on the Arizona Christian University campus during an emergency situation, and only if you check-in.
Here are the monitored region(s):

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By completing this form and clicking the check-box below, I agree to:

  • Install Punch Alert, a mobile application, on my personal iPhone or Android device with the purpose of improving my safety and being a participant in the Arizona Christian University implementation of Punch Alert.
  • Allow the internal use of my personal information while on the Arizona Christian University campus and only as part of the Punch Alert emergency response program.
  • Open Punch Alert upon receiving a notification of a reported emergency allowing the tracking of my location within the monitored campus area from the time that I, or another Punch Alert user, has initiated an emergency until the emergency has been resolved.
  • Continue use of Punch Alert during the emergency allowing me to see updated emergency information or share any information I might have on the situation.
  • Understand if I am off-campus I will continue to receive Arizona Christian University emergency alerts but my location will not be tracked.
  • Understand that when I am off-campus, reporting an emergency on Punch Alert will pre-dial 911 on my phone.
  • Be aware that Punch Alert uses the GPS on my phone which may cause the battery to drain faster during an emergency; therefore, Punch Alert will check my device's battery life and will turn off location tracking if the device has less than a 30 percent charge allowing me continued use of my device.
  • Understand that this is an optional program, with the intent of improving community safety.

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